Wednesday, 19 March 2014

urban couture two thousand and fourteen industry launch - featuring wanderlust by mekel...

Last week was the 2013 industry launch of Urban Couture, presented by Coveted Events. Guests were treated to a magnificent collection of whimsical works by local fashion illustrator Mekel. Champagne flowed golden and free, as guests wandered and pondered on the beauty of these watercolour masterpieces.

 photo urbancouturelaunchpics-67_zps934fa5fa.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-19_zpsdc9c5b05.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-70_zps1d72483a.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-25_zpse6b7224e.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-11_zps41b82ec5.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-21_zps1143513b.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-6_zps03a55a79.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-17_zps5932db48.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-65_zps92620564.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-14_zps5fa1151a.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-8_zps02a623ca.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-7_zpse2173a0a.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-22_zps5d27ba66.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-30_zps55804b3c.jpg

Before the parade began, high heeled stems glided throughout the gallery; catching up with old industry friends, raiding the lolly station and generally having a fantastic time. The mood in the air was electric.

 photo urbancouturelaunchpics-55_zps93fe25ec.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-9_zps0ec26e7f.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-27_zps1522959a.jpg
 photo urbancouturelaunchpics-2_zps499ce9ed.jpg

Once the parade began, guest were treated to a showcase of local designers: collections by three up-and-coming WA designers House of Skye, Natalie Rolt and By Emily Lewien.

Unfortunately due to the set up of the catwalk, photographing became quite a difficult task... below are a couple of decent shots I managed to get. However, other then the catwalk difficulties the 2014 Urban Couture Launch was more then a success!

I can't wait for the rest of the events, for anyone else interested we will post the full program too, alternately it can be downloaded from here

 photo urbancouturelaunchpics-40_zps573e1f9d.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-45_zps8b6d8504.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-46_zpsf08f5f79.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-52_zps68ed547e.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-47_zps2ed3b27f.jpg  photo urbancouturelaunchpics-54_zps578bc3b2.jpg

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