Monday, 7 April 2014

carousel couture...

 photo UCCaroulesCouture-24_zps520eb9ba.jpg

a few saturdays back nelly and L ventured up to joonalup for another Urban Couture event. this time a pop up fashion show held aboard a beautiful vintage, pastel carousel. this show was focused on showcasing new and emerging WA designers - Birds of a Wire, J’Lea and Natalie Rolt.

 photo UCCaroulesCouture-3_zps1de403e1.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-7_zpsd95f4ba1.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-10_zpsf314a142.jpg

 models posed gracefully over delicately painted horses as the carousel twirled and sang delicate notes through the air, excited passes by clambered for seats and were mesmerised by the unexpected, beautiful garments. as the exquisite creations glided down the runway L could see intricate hand sewn details and fantastic textures.

 L left the show mesmerised.

- to see our full coverage of this years Urban Couture follow this link -

 photo UCCaroulesCouture-30_zpscaed513f.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-27_zps69ff76fc.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-28_zps7ecccecc.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-26_zps7bdf7df6.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-31_zps82cc70ba.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-35_zpsd56ee878.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-40_zpsf16963c9.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-44_zps8e613a2f.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-42_zps6f434831.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-47_zps7bf79edb.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-49_zps93b73450.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-14_zps13a7dcaa.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-20_zpsb2747a17.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-21_zps8c019a12.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-23_zpsf3bc8410.jpg  photo UCCaroulesCouture-50_zpsb929ce2f.jpg

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