Monday, 7 April 2014


a few weeks ago L had the honour of being invited by Ruth Tarvydas to model her magnificent "ocean" dress for a segment of west australian travel show, DestinationWA.

L had a whimsical day, dressing up like a mermaid princess, drinking champagne bubbles and swanning around Ruth's beautiful Times Square boutique.

 photo TarvydasDestinationWA-1_zps49e2175a.jpg  photo TarvydasDestinationWA-2_zps0fca2e37.jpg
Below are some snaps from the day and the YouTube clip of the final DestinationWA segment.

(aired on the fifth of April, two thousand and fourteen)
   photo TarvydasDestinationWA-3_zpsa8d6c66d.jpg  photo TarvydasDestinationWA-6_zpsb708aa4b.jpg  photo TarvydasDestinationWA-5_zpsadaace84.jpg  photo TarvydasDestinationWA-9_zps1e25dca0.jpg  photo TarvydasDestinationWA-10_zpsc564c67a.jpg  photo TarvydasDestinationWA-11_zps64335b26.jpg

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