Thursday, 3 April 2014

installation alleyway...

 photo UCfootpath-13_zps14f1fdad.jpg  photo UCfootpath-15_zpsd813cf63.jpg  photo UCfootpath-10_zpsbbf0aa9c.jpg  photo UCfootpath-7_zps2161d7fe.jpg  photo UCfootpath-11_zpsa7c998dc.jpg  photo UCfootpath-6_zpsb21954b4.jpg  photo UCfootpath-12_zps7f9bc8b3.jpg  photo UCfootpath-16_zpsbd919600.jpg  photo UCfootpath-4_zpsdd169e86.jpg  photo UCfootpath-5_zpsfbae2d66.jpg  photo UCfootpath-2_zps55c51a00.jpg

wandering aimlessly down alleyways between Urban Couture shows and light showers, Nelly and L literally stumbled over a beautiful art installation; magnificent fashion photography blown up and delicately laid beneath the feet of unbeknownst festival goers.

- to see our full coverage of this years Urban Couture follow this link -

 photo UCfootpath-3_zpse38f8ade.jpg

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