Friday, 9 May 2014


 photo BLVMarketsOutfit-1_zpsbb411c57.jpg  photo BLVMarketsOutfit-9_zps88297412.jpg

the day of the boulevard markets was still hot and bright. the sun stung and sunglasses were a necessity.

having not worn her eccentric one teaspoon cape, top thing since PFF a few years back, L decided to take it out for a spin. its light folds of breezy, almost sheer fabric was a welcome release as the wind carried small bursts of air through it, to cool her.
   photo BLVMarketsOutfit-2_zps6dc9eb90.jpg

- Prada sunglasses - One Teaspoon Top - Dolce & Gabbana Athletic Shorts - Acne Boots - Bag made and designed by L - 

market place...

reality has overtaken L's life, recent events have lead to an unfortunate laps in posts....

this beautiful day a couple of weeks back, a selection delightful Perth Fashion Bloggers were invited to the Boulevard Hotel, who have joined forces with DG Events and Hatch for their local summer fashion markets. blogger perused the homegrown wears and fawned over soft fabric.

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local fashions Chalice, Conchita, Zed Alliance, Jonte, Bare Fingers, Rosie and Broken, Generics, Empire Rose and ALBD by Ange Lange were peppered all around the bar, nestled into the lush greenery.

after browsing the market the girls were treated to a magnificent lunch put on by the very talented and award winning Boulevard Hotel staff, the afternoon was ended perfectly by decadent and beautiful cupcakes by another local love, Cake by Laura Isabella.

 photo BLVMarkets-4_zps865504af.jpg  photo BLVMarkets-5_zpsb6ea30b0.jpg  photo BLVMarkets-6_zps654460cd.jpg  photo BLVMarkets-33_zps61ba8761.jpg  photo BLVMarkets-35_zps9c7e2555.jpg  photo BLVMarkets-31_zpsd0b460b2.jpg  photo BLVMarkets-36_zps96cb3904.jpg