Tuesday, 29 July 2014


 photo cash-5_zps1f5e84cb.jpg  photo cash-3_zpsae8a8d81.jpg  photo cash-2_zps8b8e860c.jpg

all in the golden afternoon,
      full leisurely we glide,
for both our oars, with better skill,
     by little arms are piled,
while little hand make vain pretence
     our wandering s to guide.


 photo leopard-1_zpsd6e0b206.jpg  photo leopard-5_zps6c02d1f4.jpg

just the usual adventures down beaufort st at night...

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


 photo dress-15_zpsc5531159.jpg  photo dress-7_zps6bfd62b3.jpg  photo dress-6_zps201b46bc.jpg

afternoon walks with my beloved. L found this gem of a dress in a small op-shop and since then she has realised it's the perfect winter dress.

 photo dress-1_zps0f934d53.jpg