Sunday, 31 August 2014

bust it out...

 photo leather-1_zps9e167c71.jpg
 photo leather-3_zpsd5ed1a1f.jpg

thought L would bust out her leathers before winter was finally over, not that she's not looking forward to summer, on that fact she is over the moon!
   photo leather-6_zps8ab027f3.jpg

we've been a bit quiet on the personal front lately but L has teamed up a post explaining things, I'm sure long term readers would be aware of her struggles with depression and tomorrow L begins one of the most important steps in her recovery. wish her luck!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

as usual, a mixed message...

 photo belt-1_zps690d336b.jpg

taking theo to the dog park the other day, L thought it the perfect time to try out her new thigh bag. made with leather and adjustable waist and thigh straps L is more then happy with her sample.

 photo belt-10_zpse2093e10.jpg